The Astral Flame


Chapter VIII

The Astral Flame.

Before the disciple can obtain Spirit or Astral Sight he must be (an) absolute master of himself. You cannot master the forces of nature until you can master those of your own body, and before the true initiation can take place, it will be necessary to overcome the forces of the sense nature and have absolute belief and faith in yourself.

To the true initiate the physical senses and pleasures have no attraction, they are in the world but not of the world.

Then again the fact that the ancient adepts were celibate meant that they had complete control of their sensual and physical nature or excesses.

When the passions are not controlled, the result is terrible, and the birth of countless monstrosities, which literally throng the atmosphere and continually impede the spiritual and earthly progress of the offenders, is one of the sad trials of misguided humanity. These fluidic phantoms, as they are called, fasten hold upon the person, and not all the praying and religious beliefs in the world can make up for this violation—they create abortions of the Astral Flame, things which are neither of the spirit nor human, monstrosities of vampire-like origin with no marked individuality of their own, who simply prey upon the weak and diseased, bringing them almost invariably to a terrible end. To avoid these vampires, keep clear of the terrible practice which creates them, keep your thoughts pure and your body pure—so shall you be free.

There are also in the world many people who are involuntarily vampires in themselves. They are seldom aware of the fact, but they gain all their vitality from other people with whom they come in daily contact, literally absorbing their life forces and leaving them limp and unable to explain the feeling of languor which has overcome them. When this occurs the cure is simple, make yourself positive to them, hold the thought of good firmly in your mind, and then deny the power of (evil) master yourself and you will know what is meant by evil. If you have arrived at the state of being this and also by studying my other chapters.

Concentration, absolute faith and belief in yourself to remain steadfast against those who would harm you, an even temper, untiring perseverance, pure living, freedom from animal desires—these must be yours if you would lift the veil which hides the Past and Future.

If you desire to develop your Spirit or Soul Sight so you can look into the future, and also unfold the past for others, you must fix you Mind upon one single point at a time and believe that you will succeed. Gaze into your Crystal and concentrate upon the knowledge you need—avoid speculation and make your Mind receptive. At the same time you must Will with all your might to know the correct solution of that which is to be unravelled. Remember that the normal Clairvoyant is a power in himself and is not of this world only, but has connection with the unseen.

The doors of Spirit Sight can only be opened to the man who has patience, and these words, Will and Power, Belief and Faith, are the keys to their unfoldment.

The Magic of Magnetism

It has been held for many ages, more in the East than in prosaic England and half-cultivated America, that Hoodooism or Voodooism, the Black Art and Diabolical Magic, as it is called—the Magic of Magnetism—is all humbug.

This is not true as the sad records of Witchcraft and Black Magic show, and if the person who is thus cursed, by having an evil spell thrown over them, has a weak and receptive mind and is willing by means of auto-suggestion and that craven of all cravens, Fear, to aid and carry out the will of the sorcerer, or the evil eye the results, are sometimes terrible indeed.

By means of various proceedings the person thus to be cursed is impregnated with the thought of the operator whether he be in or out of the body, and where this is very concentrated, it will bear seeds in weak and unorganized soil.

Sometimes the ancient Black magicians would mould a wax image of the victim and stick pins into it and curse it daily, the object of this amiable performance really being to concentrate the mind to the fullest extent upon the victim—it is simply a case of concentrated venom. The man or woman who holds a positive mind, who has learnt to recognize the principle of eternal good, cannot be hurt or harmed in any way by these proceedings—no matter how powerful the operator.


The magnetism in the crystal, which is focused there by the flow of astral light from the eye of the Medium or Seer, enables you to see, and it is the magnetism in your person which causes you to attract or repel those you come in contact with in daily life.

The rules to acquire this magnetism to such purpose that it can be utilized by the disciple, so forming that perfect mastery which will enable you to penetrate the secrets of nature, are as follows:—

The first Law is persistence, fixity of purpose.

The second Law is attention, concentrated attention about the person or thing enquired about.

The third Law is calmness. You can learn nothing by hurry or excitement, these things destroy the flow of magnetic currents.

The fourth Law is will, the “I will have what I want” power of the Soul. This is the pivot upon which the others rotate and without it nothing can be done.

The fifth Law is that of intensity.

The sixth is that of polarity. The positive and negative principles of nature, it represents the light and darkness, male and female, the positive and negative side of things—I have explained this positive and negative in my other chapters, so I will not repeat them.

The seventh Law is attraction, magnetism or desire.

This passage is from a book titled The Magic and Occultism of India by L. W. de Laurence (1909) You can download the entire book for free here.

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